Advent, Advent an asshole burns!

2020-11-294:32 minutesBDSM, Domination, Instruction
Advent, Advent an asshole burns! 0
Advent, Advent an asshole burns! 1
Advent, Advent an asshole burns! 2

Well you cunt, want to have a job?
I have one! With chili sauce.
What? You're scared? You're scared?
Get in touch with me, with your fetish and you get an exclusive clip of me.

Roughstock humiliation

2020-08-064:55 minutesFetish, Humiliation, Spanking
Roughstock humiliation 0
Roughstock humiliation 1
Roughstock humiliation 2

YOU little horny piece want to feel the cane?
Then pull your pants down and bend over.
Would you like a gag?
So the neighbors don't hear you HAHA
Come jerk off, but I don't really have to watch you, so goodbye

Wish clip for Satin Slave

2020-07-114:50 minutesClip Request, Fetish, Instruction
Wish clip for Satin Slave 0
Wish clip for Satin Slave 1
Wish clip for Satin Slave 2

Well, the dirty piece gave me a nice purple skirt and I thought I would make a clip with it.

The satin blouse in purple also fits perfectly and of course a fishnet pantyhose and patent high heels.

And what are you?

Yes! Exactly!

Dirty little bitch who imagines to jerk off his cock with a satin cloth, or am I wrong?

Bored with you!

2020-07-093:21 minutesFemale Domination, Humiliation, Instruction
Bored with you! 0
Bored with you! 1
Bored with you! 2

I'm almost falling asxleep, it takes you so long to jerk off your dick you stupid little shit.

You must be impotent! HAHA you laugh - you loser!

Come on, keep jerking off, I'm going!

Extreme nipple torture

2020-06-137:45 minutesBDSM, Fetish, Glovefetish
Extreme nipple torture 0
Extreme nipple torture 1
Extreme nipple torture 2

A 7:45 clip that's just about nipples.

 With the fingers is plucked here and with the nipples clamps from plastic and metal.

And what's he saying?

Ah put on it - twist - pull and I - take it off and pinch

HAHA There my feet get eaten by the evil sub.

Look horny and enjoy the game

The Four

2020-06-06Contessa Kali27:31 minutesBi Training, Fetish, Slave
The Four 0
The Four 1
The Four 2

Once again a great extra length for a clip.

Here the Subs are really hard worked and processed.

Sub R wears gags, I love this silence! And lies on the bondage couch. So he can't get away and you can work on his cock and titties.

Sub D gets a gag and is attached to the BDSM, as you can see later, not hard enough HAHA. His cock will be full of wax for that, who is cheeky has to suffer!

We always come up with something new, like the rubber band gun. Or humming.

What must be, must be!

I wear a wetlook skirt with red nylons and high heels and a nylon body in red.

Contessa Kali wears fishnet tights and leather boots with a patent corsage and nylon panties.

We look just wonderful and you could be just as horny!

Oh the end - will it be a happy end?

Well, Sub D has to blow Sub R, he does it very well!

But what happens with Sub D?

Look at yourself horny, what happens in the end

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