Ass Finger Sucker

2020-02-29Contessa Kali23:39 minutesBondage, Glovefetish, Orgasms
Ass Finger Sucker 0
Ass Finger Sucker 1
Ass Finger Sucker 2

Contessa Kali and I are here torturing a dirty bitch who licks his ass finger and eats his own sperm!

The bitch has to be pushed hard and so he gets all the holes plugged.

Ass-fucked with the finger he has to lick off.

Yes he has to, because he is wrapped in foil!

Mouth gets fucked with the sperm finger and his cock too.

Yes the poor, poor dick has to suffer. He gets wanked off and then just left hanging.

Then he gets the rubber pussy, which unfortunately he likes much too much.

So off under the plastic again.

Oh the sweet pink vibrator we have to test on him, but he moans like a prono player! So we'll leave that out.

If it has a happy ending, we'll decide.

Contessa Kali wears a latex blouse and leather skirt with black disposable gloves.

Lady Nightfrozen wears a satin blouse and a red leather skirt with black nitrile disposable gloves.

Wichs-instructions - you need these!

2019-11-1813:00 minutesFemdom, Instruction, Toys
Wichs-instructions - you need these! 0
Wichs-instructions - you need these! 1
Wichs-instructions - you need these! 2

You don't need a piece of dirt, you need a manual to whack off, so dependent are you? Well, I didn't expect anything else from you!

Old Sissy Slut Part 2

2019-11-02Contessa Kali8:11 minutesFemdom, Sissy, Stockings
Old Sissy Slut Part 2 0
Old Sissy Slut Part 2 1
Old Sissy Slut Part 2 2

The old sissy bitch fucks the high heels and sucks the heel that pleases her! And of course we prepare her for sucking the cocks - Intensive Strapon Training! She's quite good at that, if she can do that in the last part as well?

CBT on the spreader bar T1

2019-10-07Contessa Kali6:36 minutesBBW, CBT, Femdom
CBT on the spreader bar T1 0
CBT on the spreader bar T1 1
CBT on the spreader bar T1 2

A wonderful CBT clip with a Contessa Kali fan. Therefore he can stand a lot because he wants to please her and we both take advantage of that! His cock has to suffer, we tie him off and he gets kicks in the balls but also the boxing glove is used and he almost dances with pain. Unfortunately the nipples can't stand much, but his eggs are

Lady Nightfrozen and Contessa Kali - Look at yourself horny


Bubble Rabbit - Pictures Series 0
Bubble Rabbit - Pictures Series 1
Bubble Rabbit - Pictures Series 2

There comes such a naughty horny piece and would like to blow the tail of our DWT and imagine he lets us wait! Contessa Kali first unpacks the whip and he gets his ass nice red colored by us! Then he may suck the tail of our DWT until the white comes. Well, let's say he tries - and tries! But he won't make it. So YOU may apply, maybe you will make it?!

We fuck differently!

2019-09-21Contessa Kali4:50 minutesFemdom, Fetish, Toys
We fuck differently! 0
We fuck differently! 1
We fuck differently! 2

It should all revolve around his cock, well then we do that but times!

Contessa Kali and I take us with the current pen his cock before - The clip is a short pleasure from our side. It just complains and the noodle is deaXd so what should we do with him? Throw it out! Look at yourself Geil

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