Part 3 of CBT and skiwear

2019-09-14Contessa Kali6:25 minutesCBT, Femdom, Fetish
Part 3 of CBT and skiwear 0
Part 3 of CBT and skiwear 1
Part 3 of CBT and skiwear 2

Let's try some anal then. But as you can hear, the ski clothing victim already complains about one finger. So back to what the farmer knows - CBT!
Contessa Kali pulls and pushes what the stuff holds and lo and behold, it whines under his mask. With these vioxlent pulls and pushes the rope slips. So it's time to move on again! And what do you think I'll find? Yes! A 2 kilo wiped and what do you think, should we fix it? Of course and I even ask dear and nice ;) Contessa Kali & Lady Nightfrozen ps: The video runs a bit faster in some places!


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