The Four

2020-06-06Contessa Kali27:31 minutesBi Training, Fetish, Slave
The Four 0
The Four 1
The Four 2

Once again a great extra length for a clip.

Here the Subs are really hard worked and processed.

Sub R wears gags, I love this silence! And lies on the bondage couch. So he can't get away and you can work on his cock and titties.

Sub D gets a gag and is attached to the BDSM, as you can see later, not hard enough HAHA. His cock will be full of wax for that, who is cheeky has to suffer!

We always come up with something new, like the rubber band gun. Or humming.

What must be, must be!

I wear a wetlook skirt with red nylons and high heels and a nylon body in red.

Contessa Kali wears fishnet tights and leather boots with a patent corsage and nylon panties.

We look just wonderful and you could be just as horny!

Oh the end - will it be a happy end?

Well, Sub D has to blow Sub R, he does it very well!

But what happens with Sub D?

Look at yourself horny, what happens in the end

Old Sissy Bitch is coming back 0
Old Sissy Bitch is coming back 1
Old Sissy Bitch is coming back 2

There she sits and gets her nipples plucked long that little horny piece.
Doesn't she look wonderful with her neo yellow fishnet stockings and a pink top?
So we could earn money with her!
Well, or not!
She already looks very cheap HAHA and that is how we treat her.
Nipple training with clamps.
Bladder-rabbit, yes you have to know how to suck cock properly.
Uh there comes a 2nd rubber cock into play, whether the little dirty Sissy then still knows which one she should suck first?
Off on the couch, lying or kneeling, the horny piece will have to work as our bitch anyway.
It goes on with the little Sissy cock, he is worked on with a whip and with a paddle. Life should come in there.
And a finger in the butt always works, after all, the ass pussy is fucked by Sissy's clients later and needs practice.
And in the end Sissy can jerk off in front of the cam... if he makes it to come?
Look at you horny


Photo series: Satin & Wetlook Dress 0
Photo series: Satin & Wetlook Dress 1
Photo series: Satin & Wetlook Dress 2

My short and tight dress will drive you crazy and that even with satin gloves in red.
Look at these beautiful pictures.
Wetlook dress with nylon insert, nylon pantyhose and high heels...
Wonderful outfit for fetishists.

Varnish strawberries

2020-04-1317 imagesCrushing, Foot Fetish, High heels
Varnish strawberries 0
Varnish strawberries 1
Varnish strawberries 2

A wonderful picture series with my black and red patent high heels.
The red goes very well with the strawberry and my sole!
Oh I know, you would like to be the little red strawberry under my sole.

Naked part 4

2020-04-1013 images
Naked part 4 0
Naked part 4 1
Naked part 4 2

Look at these special pictures of me.
Yes, I am naked on these pictures.
Of course High Heels must be!
Look therefore exactly!

Red Queen Part 4

2020-04-0913 imagesCostume, Fetish, Shoes
Red Queen Part 4 0
Red Queen Part 4 1
Red Queen Part 4 2

Have you been good, or must the Queen punish you?
Off with his head, oh no!
I'd rather tie you up and torture you a little.
You want it too!


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