CBT on spreader bar T 2 ENDE

2019-10-07 5:29 minutes BDSM, CBT, Femdom
CBT on spreader bar T 2 ENDE 0
CBT on spreader bar T 2 ENDE 1
CBT on spreader bar T 2 ENDE 2

It starts with the leather whip and then comes the pig-hair (unique piece). Contessa Kali changes to the boxing glove and I to the shoehorn, so we can play from the front and from the back well to us the tail. Look at how he likes it and get in touch! You could take his place! Lady Nightfrozen and Contessa Kali - Look yourself horny

English education - Picture series to the clip 0
English education - Picture series to the clip 1
English education - Picture series to the clip 2

Looks at you like this horny little bitch is trying to massage our feet. Yes exactly, tried! The little horny bitch can't do anything and he doesn't get that. So Contessa Kali gets out her cane and I the crop and if he is already over the leather buck, he immediately gets the butt spanked! Let's see how red he gets and if the little horny bitch has learned to get better... I just can't say it often enough; Little horny bitch - are you, too? Picture series to the clip look you horny


Bubble Rabbit - Pictures Series 0
Bubble Rabbit - Pictures Series 1
Bubble Rabbit - Pictures Series 2

There comes such a naughty horny piece and would like to blow the tail of our DWT and imagine he lets us wait! Contessa Kali first unpacks the whip and he gets his ass nice red colored by us! Then he may suck the tail of our DWT until the white comes. Well, let's say he tries - and tries! But he won't make it. So YOU may apply, maybe you will make it?!

Wetlook humiliation

2019-07-23 5:40 minutes BDSM, Domination, Fetish
Wetlook humiliation 0
Wetlook humiliation 1
Wetlook humiliation 2

You little piece of shit want a punch? I still decide who will not be punished you! First confess why you were not good? Have you paid a woman to sleep with you? I think she rejected you anyway. Something like you, no one wants! Look at my clip. I wear Wetlook and my tits look splendid in it and you may wixen then alone before the PC ... Loser! Look at yourself horny

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