Roughstock humiliation

2020-08-064:55 minutesFetish, Humiliation, Spanking
Roughstock humiliation 0
Roughstock humiliation 1
Roughstock humiliation 2

YOU little horny piece want to feel the cane?
Then pull your pants down and bend over.
Would you like a gag?
So the neighbors don't hear you HAHA
Come jerk off, but I don't really have to watch you, so goodbye

Mask fetish picture series 0
Mask fetish picture series 1
Mask fetish picture series 2

Here you see me with a face harness/mask.
Mask was unfortunately very uncomfortable, so this series is very small, but I wanted to show it to you!

Wish clip for Satin Slave

2020-07-114:50 minutesClip Request, Fetish, Instruction
Wish clip for Satin Slave 0
Wish clip for Satin Slave 1
Wish clip for Satin Slave 2

Well, the dirty piece gave me a nice purple skirt and I thought I would make a clip with it.

The satin blouse in purple also fits perfectly and of course a fishnet pantyhose and patent high heels.

And what are you?

Yes! Exactly!

Dirty little bitch who imagines to jerk off his cock with a satin cloth, or am I wrong?

Bored with you!

2020-07-093:21 minutesFemale Domination, Humiliation, Instruction
Bored with you! 0
Bored with you! 1
Bored with you! 2

I'm almost falling asxleep, it takes you so long to jerk off your dick you stupid little shit.

You must be impotent! HAHA you laugh - you loser!

Come on, keep jerking off, I'm going!

Robi lets herself be hung Part 8 End 0
Robi lets herself be hung Part 8 End 1
Robi lets herself be hung Part 8 End 2

Candy cane was left over and we thought:
There should be at least something sweet about Robi. Wicked!
Now we annoy him a bit more and stick out his tongue, he can't see us with his blindfold on.
His dick gets some more slaps and his nipples get plucked a bit more.
But then Funny and Contessa Kali and I take a break and leave Robi hanging.

Picture series Latex in scrap

2020-06-1018 imagesFemdom, Fetish, Latex
Picture series Latex in scrap 0
Picture series Latex in scrap 1
Picture series Latex in scrap 2

A great photo gallery with thigh long boots in black patent.
In addition I wear a latex skirt and a lacquer corsage.
My spiked collar fits perfectly.
It was a nice warm day, great for this outfit.
Unfortunately later my boots got stuck in the machine, well, we had fun in any case!

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