Egg kick

2020-02-2211 imagesCrushing, Foot Fetish, High heels
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Egg kick 1
Egg kick 2

Oh come on! You wish you were the egg under my high heels right now.
Give it and be my trampling sub where I can crunch the eggs.
Or you lick me the remainders of the shoes and if you were completely dear and good,

you may lick the remainders also of my bare feet!
That would be your dream!

CBT on the spreader bar T1

2019-10-07Contessa Kali6:36 minutesBBW, CBT, Femdom
CBT on the spreader bar T1 0
CBT on the spreader bar T1 1
CBT on the spreader bar T1 2

A wonderful CBT clip with a Contessa Kali fan. Therefore he can stand a lot because he wants to please her and we both take advantage of that! His cock has to suffer, we tie him off and he gets kicks in the balls but also the boxing glove is used and he almost dances with pain. Unfortunately the nipples can't stand much, but his eggs are

Lady Nightfrozen and Contessa Kali - Look at yourself horny


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