Santa Claus part 2

2020-01-058:06 minutesAnal Stretching, Fetish, Role Play
Santa Claus part 2 0
Santa Claus part 2 1
Santa Claus part 2 2

So now the cheeky imp gets on the gynecological chair and gets sugar in his ass.

Yeah, he'd like that.

First the nice pumpkin plug goes into his butt and then the glass sugar rod.

He likes it like that and you would like something like that too!

I know I would.

So HOP you come in and get your ass pussy stretched by me.

We fuck differently!

2019-09-21Contessa Kali4:50 minutesFemdom, Fetish, Toys
We fuck differently! 0
We fuck differently! 1
We fuck differently! 2

It should all revolve around his cock, well then we do that but times!

Contessa Kali and I take us with the current pen his cock before - The clip is a short pleasure from our side. It just complains and the noodle is deaXd so what should we do with him? Throw it out! Look at yourself Geil

Hegar Pens - Dilators - Urethral Stretching 0
Hegar Pens - Dilators - Urethral Stretching 1
Hegar Pens - Dilators - Urethral Stretching 2

Here you can see my selection of Hegar pens or how you call them dilators for your urethra. I have these in glass, silicone and stainless steel and would like some in wood. You may give them to me ;) Look at this variety, the beautiful pearls, they could stick in your tail! Or the long stainless steel rod that goes into your urethra! And then there's the humming and the humming bird. Lady Nightfrozen


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