Extreme nipple torture

2020-06-137:45 minutesBDSM, Fetish, Glovefetish
Extreme nipple torture 0
Extreme nipple torture 1
Extreme nipple torture 2

A 7:45 clip that's just about nipples.

 With the fingers is plucked here and with the nipples clamps from plastic and metal.

And what's he saying?

Ah put on it - twist - pull and I - take it off and pinch

HAHA There my feet get eaten by the evil sub.

Look horny and enjoy the game

Nipples Extreme

2020-03-284:32 minutesBDSM, Femdom, Fetish
Nipples Extreme 0
Nipples Extreme 1
Nipples Extreme 2

A great short but powerful clip that is ONLY about the nipples!
Pinch, press, squeeze and also with the clip they are worked on.
My non-slip disposable gloves with nubs in yellow help me to grip firmly.
Look horny at this great clip.

Beginner - End

2020-03-21Contessa Kali21:42 minutesBDSM, CBT, Fetish
Beginner - End 0
Beginner - End 1
Beginner - End 2

Candle wax is waiting for him. Contessa Kali and I each have a BDSM candle which is only 40 degrees hot and still he complains.

It drips so beautifully on his nipples and his cock, oh the tail is also still tied. That the eggs are nice and plump and he notices the heat from the wax very nice!

His latex mask fits perfectly and Contessa Kali can take him out of the air with one hand! So much power we have.

One more blindfold on the latex mask and then he is blind and has to feel everything without seeing it, oh we are mean - oh no! But he loves it!

I found some more tape, of course with unicorns on it and he gets it stuck near his horn ;) He still has too much hair.

The close-up of his titties is wonderful, how it is so full of wax you can feel it already?

Unfortunately his cock is getting a little smaller, by the prostate massage but with the brush we get him big again, or not! Oops what is going on there? Is he a jerk-off or a loser?

He can't be as horny as we look. Contessa Kali wears a lacquer dress and I wear a leather skirt with a nylon blouse and his dick is so beautifully worked on .....

Part 2 of Intensive Nipple Treatment 0
Part 2 of Intensive Nipple Treatment 1
Part 2 of Intensive Nipple Treatment 2

We're going on! I want him to feel his nipples tomorrow.

And his ass pussy too!

First I fuck his ass with a very long pearl dildo, first nice and slow then faster.

Do you hear how he moans?

Yes he likes it - or is he moaning because of his nipples where Contessa treats Kali?


To make it more fun, we get another slut with a blindfold on and guess who gets a blowjob?

Yeah, that's right, Sub-D, the bitch gets to suck her dick until the white one comes out.

And look how good he does it. 

Mini Loser Taillet Part2

2019-12-03Die böse Freundin 9:53 minutesCBT, Fetish, Toys
Mini Loser Taillet Part2 0
Mini Loser Taillet Part2 1
Mini Loser Taillet Part2 2

So and so on we torture the house slave from my best evil friend.

In the close-up you can see my new-old toy which is really evil!

He gets wonderful prints on his dick and look closely - his happy ending looks SUPER!

Mini Loser little tail

2019-11-26Die böse Freundin 10:00 minutesBondage, CBT, Femdom
Mini Loser little tail 0
Mini Loser little tail 1
Mini Loser little tail 2

My best bad girlfriend's back and we're gonna torture the house slave together.

His mini loser little tail is allowed to catch some fresh air and when he is already in freedom,

he gets a direct torture that he voluntarily wants to return to his KG!

Look at part 1 and be curious about part 2!

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