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What happens when you sit your naked ass on my sofa? Yes exactly, you get to feel my pig hair and look at how it suddenly jumps HAHA
Here in my clip you see Contessa Kali, Princess Joelina and Lady Nightfrozen as we knock this cheeky piece of dirt through well, like a piece of meat! The problem is, he can't stand anything. You are certainly better than him?! Then apply! Look yourself Geil


The maso Sub Part 1

2019-11-20Contessa Kali13:47 minutesCBT, Femdom, Spanking
The maso Sub Part 1 0
The maso Sub Part 1 1
The maso Sub Part 1 2

Beautiful how he lies fixed on the leather trestle and how Contessa Kali and I work on his butt!
He says he is a masochist - is that true?
We find out, in 3 parts.
Crop, whip and also the pig hair are used and his bottom is already glowing beautifully.
Look at yourself horny in the next part

Beginner - End

2020-03-21Contessa Kali21:42 minutesBDSM, CBT, Fetish
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Beginner - End 1
Beginner - End 2

Candle wax is waiting for him. Contessa Kali and I each have a BDSM candle which is only 40 degrees hot and still he complains.

It drips so beautifully on his nipples and his cock, oh the tail is also still tied. That the eggs are nice and plump and he notices the heat from the wax very nice!

His latex mask fits perfectly and Contessa Kali can take him out of the air with one hand! So much power we have.

One more blindfold on the latex mask and then he is blind and has to feel everything without seeing it, oh we are mean - oh no! But he loves it!

I found some more tape, of course with unicorns on it and he gets it stuck near his horn ;) He still has too much hair.

The close-up of his titties is wonderful, how it is so full of wax you can feel it already?

Unfortunately his cock is getting a little smaller, by the prostate massage but with the brush we get him big again, or not! Oops what is going on there? Is he a jerk-off or a loser?

He can't be as horny as we look. Contessa Kali wears a lacquer dress and I wear a leather skirt with a nylon blouse and his dick is so beautifully worked on .....

CBT on spreader bar T 2 ENDE

2019-10-07Contessa Kali5:29 minutesBDSM, CBT, Femdom
CBT on spreader bar T 2 ENDE 0
CBT on spreader bar T 2 ENDE 1
CBT on spreader bar T 2 ENDE 2

It starts with the leather whip and then comes the pig-hair (unique piece). Contessa Kali changes to the boxing glove and I to the shoehorn, so we can play from the front and from the back well to us the tail. Look at how he likes it and get in touch! You could take his place! Lady Nightfrozen and Contessa Kali - Look yourself horny

Advent, Advent an asshole burns!

2020-11-294:32 minutesBDSM, Domination, Instruction
Advent, Advent an asshole burns! 0
Advent, Advent an asshole burns! 1
Advent, Advent an asshole burns! 2

Well you cunt, want to have a job?
I have one! With chili sauce.
What? You're scared? You're scared?
Get in touch with me, with your fetish and you get an exclusive clip of me.


2020-03-14Contessa Kali19:06 minutesBondage, Femdom, Strapon
beginners 0
beginners 1
beginners 2

A sweet beginner is here and what does he say to us: He is open for many things!
Well, so are we!
So here we go: Let's fix him to the ceiling hook with the leather handcuffs.
He has already put on his latex mask, he is shy.
And the leather buck stands in front of him, first of all his cock is lying on it, look at him, he is already growing up.
His nipples are plucked and worked on, he seems to like that.
Or he doesn't get much air through the mask - one of both is right.
So now I fix him with the spreader bar on his hands and he is allowed to lie down over the leather buck.
Mouth - ass fuck is cancelled. First the ass then the mouth? HAHA Well, we would have something to laugh about, but he would not.
Here you see in the clip 2 views:
One is the cam from the side, how he gets fucked.
Once the cam on the floor - delicious view!
Do not miss anything!
19 minutes BDSM and fetish fun with Contessa Kali and Lady Nightfrozen
We continue with part 2 - Look horny


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