Ugly piece of filth

2019-08-03 4:13 minutes Blonde, Femdom, Glovefetish
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Ugly piece of filth 1
Ugly piece of filth 2

Whoops! You?
I get scared every time I see your face! An ugly piece of filth like you has to buy clips online because no Real woman wants to see you!
So HOP jerk off you quickly and get the fuck out of here, I can't stand you any longer.
And when going out, buy some more clips from me!
Lady Nightfrozen


2019-07-25 7:40 minutes BDSM, Femdom, Glovefetish
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You bitch little bitch! Just a little dick loser mini dick and rag. Your wife would rather fuck this little dildo plug than you! Watch my video clip and see what you are! A nothing!

Shaver with hair

2019-07-23 4:27 minutes Fetish, Glovefetish, Hairy
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Shaver with hair 1
Shaver with hair 2

You horny piece! You want to have my razor on which my hair hang? But not just ONLY hair but my pubic hair. After it you greed nevertheless! And I have a 2nd razor for you! Yes exactly, my hair on the legs also had to go away leg hair . Look at you horny LadyNightfrozen

Hegar Pens - Dilators - Urethral Stretching 0
Hegar Pens - Dilators - Urethral Stretching 1
Hegar Pens - Dilators - Urethral Stretching 2

Here you can see my selection of Hegar pens or how you call them dilators for your urethra. I have these in glass, silicone and stainless steel and would like some in wood. You may give them to me ;) Look at this variety, the beautiful pearls, they could stick in your tail! Or the long stainless steel rod that goes into your urethra! And then there's the humming and the humming bird. Lady Nightfrozen


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