Balls bath

2020-04-257:12 minutesFetish, Foot Fetish, Foot Torture
Balls bath 0
Balls bath 1
Balls bath 2

You got a ball fetish or even a foot fetish?

Then by all means check out my clip!

Here you can see my toe socks in the ball bath how they have fun and just imagine you would lie under these balls and I would play with my feet in it.

So I can put my dirty socks in your mouth and I don't even see you...

Or I'll find your balls HAHA

The maso Sub Part 2

2019-11-30Contessa Kali8:39 minutesCBT, Femdom, Foot Torture
The maso Sub Part 2 0
The maso Sub Part 2 1
The maso Sub Part 2 2

Can he take what?

Let's have a look.
Contessa Kali and I torture the poor guy with the leather paddle and a rubber stick and because we have so much fun,

with this maso pig we get the pig hair out.
That makes the bottom even more beautiful!

Look at yourself horny in part 3!

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