So you're not willing

2019-09-21 9:44 minutes Female Domination, Fetish, Spanking
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So you're not willing 1
So you're not willing 2

What happens when you sit your naked ass on my sofa? Yes exactly, you get to feel my pig hair and look at how it suddenly jumps HAHA
Here in my clip you see Contessa Kali, Princess Joelina and Lady Nightfrozen as we knock this cheeky piece of dirt through well, like a piece of meat! The problem is, he can't stand anything. You are certainly better than him?! Then apply! Look yourself Geil


4er according to our taste

2019-09-21 8:20 minutes Anal Sex, Female Domination, Fetish
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4er according to our taste 2

Apparently, he thought there was a request concert for him here. But far from it! He wanted a 3 and got a 4 according to our taste.
Arschmuschi is fucked by Contessa Kali - The mouth is stuffed by Princess Joelina and I stuff his cock with a dilator (Hegarstift)
And because it complains, a bigger dildo comes. If he is afraid HAHA is not our problem ;) Look yourself Geil

Sissy bitch has to go

2019-08-20 5:45 minutes Female Domination, Fetish, Sissy
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Sissy bitch has to go 1
Sissy bitch has to go 2

Look at that used thing! Who wants to fuck something like that?! His ass cunt is so worn out there you could put a foot in it. So apply now and become our new Sissy pussy which we can offer to fuck. Contessa Kali and Lady Nightfrozen

Anal and wax

2019-08-20 4:31 minutes Anal Sex, Female Domination, Fetish
Anal and wax 0
Anal and wax 1
Anal and wax 2

Horny again? Then look at what I do with this horny piece of shit! First he gets the black dildo plug in the ass and then a sweet pink pearl dildo . That pleases him very well, so I can use Lady Nightfrozen some wax. But ... look at you horny in the next clip video because I use even more wax

sock sniffer

2019-08-20 7:55 minutes Female Domination, Fetish, Foot Fetish
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sock sniffer 1
sock sniffer 2

Look at my dirty socks and dream of smelling them. YOU'd like to rub your mini cock on it and have a footjob - keep dreaming you dirty piece! Since your mini cock is too small anyway, we should make it bigger with the pump - Oh I could also suck in the smell of my socks with the pump and then you stick your nose in. Wonderful thought. A rubber around the tail that he stays nice and firm and then my socks comes over him .... Lady Nightfrozen

Pet Play Nr. 2

2019-08-09 4:04 minutes Female Domination, Fetish, Mask Fetish
Pet Play Nr. 2 0
Pet Play Nr. 2 1
Pet Play Nr. 2 2

What anixmal are you? The lazy dog who wants to play with me balls and get a plug in the ass and the dog bone in the mouth? Or rather the dirty pig who wants to lick my feet? I think you are definitely a cow I can milk with my milking machine? Oh there we still have the unicorn or horse! Whether your mouth creates such a dildo? You have a big face. Lady Nightfrozen look you horny

Fisting with ass snake

2019-08-07 13:41 minutes Anal Sex, Female Domination, Fisting
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Fisting with ass snake 1
Fisting with ass snake 2

My peppermint #gloves are looking for the way into his asshole, so stretch the horny piece of shit.
Whether the tunnel already fits? No unfortunately not!
Then I'd rather take the beautiful, long #Plug - almost like an ass pussy snake that makes room.
There presses the horny #Dreckstück his #Arsch together but I push this wonderful plug just further into his ass and fuck him a little harder and see there, it pleases him.
I knew he is dirty. #LadyNightfrozen

Translated with

Fuck your wife

2019-08-04 5:05 minutes BDSM, Female Domination, Fetish
Fuck your wife 0
Fuck your wife 1
Fuck your wife 2

I'll tell you in my clip how to fuck your wife!
Alone you will not get that anyway.
Like that also, with this mini tail in your pants, use rather your tongue!
Look at my clip and learn, you dirty piece of filth.
Lady Nightfrozen

The Female Keyholder

2019-04-26 2:50 minutes Chastity, Female Domination, Femdom
The Female Keyholder 0
The Female Keyholder 1
The Female Keyholder 2

You want it too! And by the way, who wants you? Who misses you? None! So I can lock you up forever. So you become my property!

The mini dick or even loser! 0
The mini dick or even loser! 1
The mini dick or even loser! 2

Lady Nightfrozen and Miss Viktoria annoy sub P and his little friend. But this one won't. So we get the needle wheel out. Setting is also a great idea and then electricity. Since all the ropes are pulling and the mini dick still doesn't want to, we get the buzz out. But... YES Splash-failure!

Apparently the thing really can't go on and we wonder what kind of loser we invited. See yourself!

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