Varnish strawberries

2020-04-1317 imagesCrushing, Foot Fetish, High heels
Varnish strawberries 0
Varnish strawberries 1
Varnish strawberries 2

A wonderful picture series with my black and red patent high heels.
The red goes very well with the strawberry and my sole!
Oh I know, you would like to be the little red strawberry under my sole.

Egg Kick

2020-03-2930 imagesCBT, Crushing, Foot Fetish
Egg Kick 0
Egg Kick 1
Egg Kick 2

CBT in a different way?
Here you see a picture gallery of me kicking an egg and what should I say, the first time it didn't work out!
But something like this doesn't get me off balance but encourages me to get better.
So HOP - the egg back in the right position and a firm but more accurate kick.
Look at what happens to the egg and think about your balls.

Egg kick

2020-02-2211 imagesCrushing, Foot Fetish, High heels
Egg kick 0
Egg kick 1
Egg kick 2

Oh come on! You wish you were the egg under my high heels right now.
Give it and be my trampling sub where I can crunch the eggs.
Or you lick me the remainders of the shoes and if you were completely dear and good,

you may lick the remainders also of my bare feet!
That would be your dream!

Photoshooting Strawberries Crushing 0
Photoshooting Strawberries Crushing 1
Photoshooting Strawberries Crushing 2

There you would like to lick directly on the knees and my high heels cleanly.
But first you would be my doormat!

Cherry Feet

2020-01-2712 imagesCrushing, Fetish, Foot Fetish
Cherry Feet 0
Cherry Feet 1
Cherry Feet 2

Tasty feet I always have!
And now even with cherry flavour you can lick clean.
Drool over my picture series and then get in touch.

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