Robi lets herself be hung Part 7 0
Robi lets herself be hung Part 7 1
Robi lets herself be hung Part 7 2

Now we even have to pity him.

He just wants his nipples plucked harder.

Robi likes to be worked on by us and if he was good, he will get a happy end.

Wetlook and leather suits Contessa Kali and me very well

and for the boot lovers Contessa Kali wears red patent boots over the knee

and I have high heels and fishnet tights.

Picture series CBT and handcuffs

2020-06-0716 imagesCBT, Handcuffs, High heels
Picture series CBT and handcuffs 0
Picture series CBT and handcuffs 1
Picture series CBT and handcuffs 2

Handcuffs and thumb cuffs carries the little horny piece
A KG that that little tail remains well-behaved, if not, I help with my High Heels after!
And my seat cushion on his belly, has wonderful pimples, which he feels.
What more do you want there? Sure - nipple clamps.
Look at this series of pictures to the clip!
Clip: CBT and handcuffs

CBT and handcuffs

2020-05-3040:26 minutesCBT, Chastity, Foot Fetish
CBT and handcuffs 0
CBT and handcuffs 1
CBT and handcuffs 2

A nice long clip with CBT and handcuffs and even thumb cuffs.
Look at how I treat this sub with my special treatment.
First he gets the handcuffs on and then the thumbcuffs, so he cannot move his hands anymore.
A collar must not be missing either, after all he should be good!
Doesn't he look wonderful?
Oh there is something missing? Yes exactly, the nipple clamps made of stainless steel.
Now he looks much better, then I can get the needle wheel and torture his balls with it.
Change position - Down on the floor, lying down!
And now there are blows on the balls, the cock is still in the KG.
My high heels press his KG down so that he already twitches.
My heel almost fits into the cb, does it hurt him?
Oh, I do not care! Let him moan.
To keep his mouth shut usually helps, with something like this HAHA
I have such a beautiful pimpled seat cushion that I absolutely must test it - on him!
This way I can also get much better at his eggs, which are still dangling from the cbt.
High Heels off and further it goes with my net nylon tights with stars on it.
Look how he twists the eyes, he likes it very much!
His tail I still do not like so quite in the KG, so a ribbon around it and again tighten nice and also pull once tight ;)
The small scratch comes well into the gaps of the KGs and can tickle the glans. How it twitches, as if it was electricity.
One more intensive nipple treatment and then he has to go home in KG.
Guess who has the key HAHA ohhhh


Robi lets herself be hung Part 6 0
Robi lets herself be hung Part 6 1
Robi lets herself be hung Part 6 2

We still look very good. Contessa Kali in a wetlook dress and red patent boots and me in a leather body with high heels and leather gloves.
And Robi? Well, he hangs on his pole and lets himself be passed around here...
But what else can he do?! He can't leave. HAHA
His dick is already thick with happiness and it would have to be emptied.

Picture series Trampling with sneakers 0
Picture series Trampling with sneakers 1
Picture series Trampling with sneakers 2
Picture series Trampling with sneakers 3
Picture series Trampling with sneakers 4

Our Trampling Sub enjoys it to the fullest, how will trample on him.
Look at this picture series to the clip and enjoy the view.
That could be you too, between us!

Egg Kick

2020-03-2930 imagesCBT, Crushing, Foot Fetish
Egg Kick 0
Egg Kick 1
Egg Kick 2

CBT in a different way?
Here you see a picture gallery of me kicking an egg and what should I say, the first time it didn't work out!
But something like this doesn't get me off balance but encourages me to get better.
So HOP - the egg back in the right position and a firm but more accurate kick.
Look at what happens to the egg and think about your balls.

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