Part 2 of Intensive Nipple Treatment 0
Part 2 of Intensive Nipple Treatment 1
Part 2 of Intensive Nipple Treatment 2

We're going on! I want him to feel his nipples tomorrow.

And his ass pussy too!

First I fuck his ass with a very long pearl dildo, first nice and slow then faster.

Do you hear how he moans?

Yes he likes it - or is he moaning because of his nipples where Contessa treats Kali?


To make it more fun, we get another slut with a blindfold on and guess who gets a blowjob?

Yeah, that's right, Sub-D, the bitch gets to suck her dick until the white one comes out.

And look how good he does it. 

Bubble Rabbit - Pictures Series 0
Bubble Rabbit - Pictures Series 1
Bubble Rabbit - Pictures Series 2

There comes such a naughty horny piece and would like to blow the tail of our DWT and imagine he lets us wait! Contessa Kali first unpacks the whip and he gets his ass nice red colored by us! Then he may suck the tail of our DWT until the white comes. Well, let's say he tries - and tries! But he won't make it. So YOU may apply, maybe you will make it?!

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