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Part 2 of Intensive Nipple Treatment 1
Part 2 of Intensive Nipple Treatment 2

We're going on! I want him to feel his nipples tomorrow.

And his ass pussy too!

First I fuck his ass with a very long pearl dildo, first nice and slow then faster.

Do you hear how he moans?

Yes he likes it - or is he moaning because of his nipples where Contessa treats Kali?


To make it more fun, we get another slut with a blindfold on and guess who gets a blowjob?

Yeah, that's right, Sub-D, the bitch gets to suck her dick until the white one comes out.

And look how good he does it. 

Santa Claus part 3 end

2020-01-0612:10 minutesAnal Stretching, Femdom, Strapon
Santa Claus part 3 end 0
Santa Claus part 3 end 1
Santa Claus part 3 end 2

Camera moved so that you have a better view.

For the horny big cock I have an acorn vibrator and there steals the horny piece already the remote control.

But that is still missing something, yes exactly, the strapon in the ass.

And nipples - oh I need more hands!

But the best comes in the end.

His cock will be forXced with a long intensive massage so that he can not help it - lively

Santa Claus part 2

2020-01-058:06 minutesAnal Stretching, Fetish, Role Play
Santa Claus part 2 0
Santa Claus part 2 1
Santa Claus part 2 2

So now the cheeky imp gets on the gynecological chair and gets sugar in his ass.

Yeah, he'd like that.

First the nice pumpkin plug goes into his butt and then the glass sugar rod.

He likes it like that and you would like something like that too!

I know I would.

So HOP you come in and get your ass pussy stretched by me.

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