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It was clear who wants to lick my feet, my office slave and what he wears is a suit! Hhe sucks on my expensive high heels around and blows my heels, he makes that full of passion.

In it he is so absorbed that he completely forgets that I wear seamed nylons and what do you do with his tongue and seamed nylons? YES! Exactly! Follow the line until you reach the Divine Po. Then the office slave may also smell my ass and before he gets too horny he gets spit directly into his mouth.

He should not be too horny …. I’m wearing a black satin blouse and a satin skirt that is laced excitingly at the back! I also have satin gloves on and a whip I have too. Look at my clip and become jealous of this slave, what he is allowed to do, can you never and why? Because it’s only allowed for personal slaves – write your application! Down on your knees! Write now!

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June 06, 2020 16:21 Satin_Slave ★★★★★ Ihr seid eine Göttin in Satin *-*
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