Snotty Nasty Training

2020-04-115:11 minutesFetish, Slave, Spitting
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Snotty Nasty Training 1
Snotty Nasty Training 2

Lady Nightfrozen is contagious!

I'm sick right now and what do I do?

Think about your disgusting training with me!

Eat my snot and be a good girl, because you want it too.

Naked part 4

2020-04-1013 images
Naked part 4 0
Naked part 4 1
Naked part 4 2

Look at these special pictures of me.
Yes, I am naked on these pictures.
Of course High Heels must be!
Look therefore exactly!

Red Queen Part 4

2020-04-0913 imagesCostume, Fetish, Shoes
Red Queen Part 4 0
Red Queen Part 4 1
Red Queen Part 4 2

Have you been good, or must the Queen punish you?
Off with his head, oh no!
I'd rather tie you up and torture you a little.
You want it too!


Robi lets herself be hung Part 4

2020-04-08Contessa Kali14 imagesBDSM, Femdom, Slave
Robi lets herself be hung Part 4 0
Robi lets herself be hung Part 4 1
Robi lets herself be hung Part 4 2

Robi with his red bow on his tail looks enchanted after all.
Contessa Kali spoils him a little bit with the whip that his balls get thick.
With the spreader bar between his legs and his hands tied to the hanging bar, he can't get away from us either.
But I don't think he wants to escape!
He likes our treatment very much.
Look at you, you're horny.

Duty to wear masks is a good thing after all! 0
Duty to wear masks is a good thing after all! 1
Duty to wear masks is a good thing after all! 2

It is very warm outside and I sweat under my mask.

This makes you happy and makes your dick twitch, because you are thinking about wearing my mask and smelling my sweat.

Oh yes there were the disposable gloves with which I touch everything.

This is disgusting!

But not for you. You would like to have them to jerk off with and the mask on your nose.

That would be a nice dream? Then get in touch and you get a set.

Or you could come to my place and we could run around.

You wear my used mask and gloves and I of course a fresh set!

sneaker fetish part 4

2020-04-0617 imagesFemdom, Fetish, Shoes
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sneaker fetish part 4 1
sneaker fetish part 4 2

You could lick my bare feet now, look how beautiful the sole of my foot looks!
First you have to take off my sneakers and socks.
And does your cock already twitch at this thought?