Fisting with ass snake

2019-08-07 13:41 minutes Anal Sex, Female Domination, Fisting
Fisting with ass snake 0
Fisting with ass snake 1
Fisting with ass snake 2

My peppermint #gloves are looking for the way into his asshole, so stretch the horny piece of shit.
Whether the tunnel already fits? No unfortunately not!
Then I'd rather take the beautiful, long #Plug - almost like an ass pussy snake that makes room.
There presses the horny #Dreckstück his #Arsch together but I push this wonderful plug just further into his ass and fuck him a little harder and see there, it pleases him.
I knew he is dirty. #LadyNightfrozen

Translated with

Fuck your wife

2019-08-04 5:05 minutes BDSM, Female Domination, Fetish
Fuck your wife 0
Fuck your wife 1
Fuck your wife 2

I'll tell you in my clip how to fuck your wife!
Alone you will not get that anyway.
Like that also, with this mini tail in your pants, use rather your tongue!
Look at my clip and learn, you dirty piece of filth.
Lady Nightfrozen

Toilet lollipop

2019-08-03 11:13 minutes Fetish, Foot Fetish, Peeing
Toilet lollipop 0
Toilet lollipop 1
Toilet lollipop 2

Son of a bitch, suck the toilet clean! Can he still breathe when I press the toilet flush?! HAHA It's definitely funny. He can also lick my wet feet and the floor. Everything should be clean! But I believe, with this dirty mouth everything becomes still dirtier. So still quickly made your head wet and look how he calls me at the end ... Brav he is well in his handcuffs with the nipple chain on the titties. look you geil Lady Nightfrozen


Chastity Wish Video Custom Clip

2019-08-03 5:32 minutes Chastity, Femdom, Foot Fetish
Chastity Wish Video Custom Clip 0
Chastity Wish Video Custom Clip 1
Chastity Wish Video Custom Clip 2

You want to kneel from me and I should put on your little cock this wonderful KG chastity belt? Yes this I MUST even, so that mankind has rest before you and your jerk-off! Constantly you fumble around at him, this is bad! Lick my feet and be mine forever - your key mistress

Gutting down to the last cent

2019-08-03 5:30 minutes BDSM, Femdom, Fetish
Gutting down to the last cent 0
Gutting down to the last cent 1
Gutting down to the last cent 2

As soon as you get here, I'll fix you up and put you in a cage! I will torture you until you tell me all your PINs and then go shopping with your cards and money. You will come tears but your little cock will drip with lust! Lady Nightfrozen

Dangling Shoeplay - Schuhe wippen

2019-08-03 3:50 minutes
Dangling Shoeplay - Schuhe wippen  0
Dangling Shoeplay - Schuhe wippen  1
Dangling Shoeplay - Schuhe wippen  2

I'm ignoring you! Why should I pay attention to you? YOU are a zero number and not even worth the dirt under my high heels! Here you can see my horny extra high shoes and you would love to be the teppisch under me! If I bounce with the shoes - dangling Shoeplay

Feet licking

2019-08-03 9:53 minutes Fetish, Foot Fetish, High heels
Feet licking 0
Feet licking 1
Feet licking 2

Look at him licking the high heels and blowing the heel and if he doesn't do that well, we'll tell his wife! But the stupid thing can even lick his bare feet quite well, who would have thought that and still he has to go home gasping, we had FAST pity - But only almost! At least we had something to laugh at, how his snail is extended HAHA

Ugly piece of filth

2019-08-03 4:13 minutes Blonde, Femdom, Glovefetish
Ugly piece of filth 0
Ugly piece of filth 1
Ugly piece of filth 2

Whoops! You?
I get scared every time I see your face! An ugly piece of filth like you has to buy clips online because no Real woman wants to see you!
So HOP jerk off you quickly and get the fuck out of here, I can't stand you any longer.
And when going out, buy some more clips from me!
Lady Nightfrozen

Contessa Kali and Lady Nightfrozen - Small Cock Loser 0
Contessa Kali and Lady Nightfrozen - Small Cock Loser 1
Contessa Kali and Lady Nightfrozen - Small Cock Loser 2

ContessaKali and I, LadyNightfrozen, make fun of you.
Because we can!
DU Kleinschwanz Loser sit again in front of your PC and watch a clip, is probably better that way, if you wank yourself here, instead of sleeping with your poor wife, she notices nothing of your mini cock anyway - Come on, we do not have forever time! shaudichgeil


2019-07-25 7:40 minutes BDSM, Femdom, Glovefetish
humiliation 0
humiliation 1
humiliation 2

You bitch little bitch! Just a little dick loser mini dick and rag. Your wife would rather fuck this little dildo plug than you! Watch my video clip and see what you are! A nothing!

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