Anal and wax

2019-08-20 4:31 minutes Anal Sex, Female Domination, Fetish
Anal and wax 0
Anal and wax 1
Anal and wax 2

Horny again? Then look at what I do with this horny piece of shit! First he gets the black dildo plug in the ass and then a sweet pink pearl dildo . That pleases him very well, so I can use Lady Nightfrozen some wax. But ... look at you horny in the next clip video because I use even more wax

Urethral Games

2019-08-20 9:25 minutes CBT, Femdom, Fetish
Urethral Games 0
Urethral Games 1
Urethral Games 2

Contessa Kali and Lady Nightfrozen make it deep - deep - See how great the silicone pen slips into the urethra of this subject. He likes it! Nice wet is the tail through the lubricant and pushes, the subject has 2 holes ... now he is our 4 hole mare HAHA look you horny

sock sniffer

2019-08-20 7:55 minutes Female Domination, Fetish, Foot Fetish
sock sniffer 0
sock sniffer 1
sock sniffer 2

Look at my dirty socks and dream of smelling them. YOU'd like to rub your mini cock on it and have a footjob - keep dreaming you dirty piece! Since your mini cock is too small anyway, we should make it bigger with the pump - Oh I could also suck in the smell of my socks with the pump and then you stick your nose in. Wonderful thought. A rubber around the tail that he stays nice and firm and then my socks comes over him .... Lady Nightfrozen

Mannheim Water Tower

2019-08-20 3:45 minutes Femdom, Fetish, Foot Fetish
Mannheim Water Tower 0
Mannheim Water Tower 1
Mannheim Water Tower 2

Oh, and where are you? At home on the PC and rub your little cock to my clip. You are unfortunate and a loser. The sun shines so beautifully and you could be here and massage my feet or lick. Since you are not here, I now go to eat something and maybe ...

Feet Tasty wanted!

2019-08-13 4:45 minutes Femdom, Fetish, Foot Fetish
Feet Tasty wanted! 0
Feet Tasty wanted! 1
Feet Tasty wanted! 2

Get over here! And lick my feet ! Here you can see my feet and my soles and also the small lint you may lick. In my picture gallery you can see what I can do with my feet and your tail .... And that's what you want too! So HOP you and spoil me my feet and let's see what I then do with your tail ... Lady Nightfrozen Show you horny

Feet Delicious 1

2019-08-13 6:20 minutes Femdom, Fetish, Foot Fetish
Feet Delicious 1 0
Feet Delicious 1 1
Feet Delicious 1 2

How good and intense he licks my feet - suck on my toes and nibble on them. Simply wonderful! He puts his tongue between his toes and sucks a wonderful feeling off every single one of them and then he even has such a big mouth that he can stick all his toes into it! Look at how he licks my sole at the end, that is such a horny feeling - Oh, isn't that beautiful if you have the same fetish?!

Clinic Fetish

2019-08-13 5:56 minutes Femdom, Fetish, Medical
Clinic Fetish 0
Clinic Fetish 1
Clinic Fetish 2

You want me to examine you? What am I supposed to examine? Where there is nothing, nothing can be examined! HAHA

You little mini dick loser, I have to make your dick bigger once with my pump. Does that help? A collar you get of course also, in clinic fetish style. A net panty and an enema are still missing and then I fixate you on my gynecological chair and guess once what I do with these long gloves.

Pet Play Nr. 2

2019-08-09 4:04 minutes Female Domination, Fetish, Mask Fetish
Pet Play Nr. 2 0
Pet Play Nr. 2 1
Pet Play Nr. 2 2

What anixmal are you? The lazy dog who wants to play with me balls and get a plug in the ass and the dog bone in the mouth? Or rather the dirty pig who wants to lick my feet? I think you are definitely a cow I can milk with my milking machine? Oh there we still have the unicorn or horse! Whether your mouth creates such a dildo? You have a big face. Lady Nightfrozen look you horny

Part 3 of: Fisting with ass snake - end

2019-08-08 10:30 minutes Anal Sex, Fisting, Toys
Part 3 of: Fisting with ass snake - end 0
Part 3 of: Fisting with ass snake - end 1
Part 3 of: Fisting with ass snake - end 2

A thick dildo comes in the ass and fucks him deep and fast. Look at how he trembles when I turn the dildo in his ass!

Wonderful to enjoy and you hope that you can sit there and get fucked. And lo and behold, I destroy him HAHA he can no longer!

That is probably due to the pump plug I pump up in his ass, count with how often I press.

Part 2 of: Fisting with ass snake

2019-08-08 9:55 minutes Anal Sex, Fisting, Toys
Part 2 of: Fisting with ass snake 0
Part 2 of: Fisting with ass snake 1
Part 2 of: Fisting with ass snake 2

But now it's fisting with the hand and a horny big dildo. Look at how he trembles and can hardly hold on to the chair.

He likes it so much that he can't keep his fingers off his cock anymore and even puts a few fingers up his ass himself.

I have such a filthy piece of dirt lying on the gynaecological chair. Lady Nightfrozen

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