We fuck differently!

2019-09-21 4:50 minutes Femdom, Fetish, Toys
We fuck differently! 0
We fuck differently! 1
We fuck differently! 2

It should all revolve around his cock, well then we do that but times!

Contessa Kali and I take us with the current pen his cock before - The clip is a short pleasure from our side. It just complains and the noodle is deaXd so what should we do with him? Throw it out! Look at yourself Geil

So you're not willing

2019-09-21 9:44 minutes Female Domination, Fetish, Spanking
So you're not willing 0
So you're not willing 1
So you're not willing 2

What happens when you sit your naked ass on my sofa? Yes exactly, you get to feel my pig hair and look at how it suddenly jumps HAHA
Here in my clip you see Contessa Kali, Princess Joelina and Lady Nightfrozen as we knock this cheeky piece of dirt through well, like a piece of meat! The problem is, he can't stand anything. You are certainly better than him?! Then apply! Look yourself Geil


4er according to our taste

2019-09-21 8:20 minutes Anal Sex, Female Domination, Fetish
4er according to our taste 0
4er according to our taste 1
4er according to our taste 2

Apparently, he thought there was a request concert for him here. But far from it! He wanted a 3 and got a 4 according to our taste.
Arschmuschi is fucked by Contessa Kali - The mouth is stuffed by Princess Joelina and I stuff his cock with a dilator (Hegarstift)
And because it complains, a bigger dildo comes. If he is afraid HAHA is not our problem ;) Look yourself Geil

Cushion Ficker - Wish Clip

2019-09-14 8:20 minutes BDSM, Femdom, Fetish
Cushion Ficker - Wish Clip 0
Cushion Ficker - Wish Clip 1
Cushion Ficker - Wish Clip 2

Cushion Ficker - Wish Clip custom So many pillows and who's under the pillows?! You could hide an ugly sub and fuck him without seeing him! Or put my rubber cock in his mouth. Or do you like to fuck the pillows at home? Rub your cock on it and splashes into the pillow cover you dirty piece. I count to 10, let's see if you can do that!

Part 2 ENDE Po Stretch hole and tail hole 0
Part 2 ENDE Po Stretch hole and tail hole 1
Part 2 ENDE Po Stretch hole and tail hole 2

Sub H now gets beta carotene in the ass and then magnesium in purest natural form! And pushes, the big dildo slips like nothing into the bottom... And look at you, the cheeky Sub wants to catch me : ) HAHA there I must put on nevertheless equal times a tooth! Look Geil in my Lady Nightfrozen Store

Part 1 Stretch Po Hole and Tail Hole

2019-09-14 6:45 minutes Anal Sex, Femdom, Toys
Part 1 Stretch Po Hole and Tail Hole 0
Part 1 Stretch Po Hole and Tail Hole 1
Part 1 Stretch Po Hole and Tail Hole 2

Sub H's holding up! First I stretch it his Po hole, so the purple beads fit to the end and then the silicone Hegar pin (dilator) comes into the tail hole and behold, it slides well with the sterile lubricant. Check out Geil in my Lady Nightfrozen Store

Candle wax on the tail

2019-09-14 4:23 minutes CBT, Femdom, Fetish
Candle wax on the tail 0
Candle wax on the tail 1
Candle wax on the tail 2

Are you afraid? Oh!
As you can see, he is not afraid either and he even likes it.
He does not even flinch, but could also be because he is tied down
HAHA if I was angry?
Look at yourself horny

Feet Delicious 2

2019-09-14 8:35 minutes Femdom, Foot Fetish, High heels
Feet Delicious 2 0
Feet Delicious 2 1
Feet Delicious 2 2

He can lick feet, suck toes and lick the soles of his feet really well. But his tail is still closed and the drip is already very strong. Do I feel sorry for him? NO! Why also? Such a dirty piece that is on my feet aufgeiltilt, should be closed forever. Wonderful close-up as he licks my toes individually and hear how horny he becomes.
And I simply can not leave my feet from his chastity belt. Lady Nightfrozen

Bladder Rabbit

2019-09-14 10:14 minutes BDSM, Bi Training, Femdom
Bladder Rabbit 0
Bladder Rabbit 1
Bladder Rabbit 2

There comes such a naughty horny piece and would like to blow the tail of our DWT and imagine he lets us wait! Contessa Kali first unpacks the whip and he gets his ass nice red colored by us! Then he may suck the tail of our DWT until the white comes. Well, let's say he tries - and tries! But he won't make it. So YOU may apply, maybe you will make it?!

Part 4 of CBT and skiwear ENDE

2019-09-14 11:47 minutes BDSM, CBT, Femdom
Part 4 of CBT and skiwear ENDE 0
Part 4 of CBT and skiwear ENDE 1
Part 4 of CBT and skiwear ENDE 2

Now let's try a few needles on the scrotum and tail (without bloxod!)
Contessa Kali is so sweet and rubs the disinfectant in well, oh does it burn? Then we push and pull the tail rather something before we make an unusual bondage around the tail and eggs, whether he can wank with it?! Then we'd rather jerk off with the rubber pussy and see if he can do it - pushes - tangy


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