Mumification with Latex - Long Version 0
Mumification with Latex - Long Version 1
Mumification with Latex - Long Version 2

The chair couch is fully exploited! First the Sub is tied to the couch with 6 mm cotton ropes, then a great latex sheet is placed on top and it is completely wrapped. As if that weren't enough, 8 mm cotton ropes are added now, so the latex sheet can't slip! See there that little tails twitch, probably who likes it well! There we should try to tie it off, through the latex. Looks pretty good with the pink silk rope! Nipple clamps unfortunately hold badly, so they are plucked with the latex just like the tail! Pluck Pluck that is like a rubber band on the sack. Needle wheel through the latex? YES! That goes well... It moans nevertheless already. Look at yourself horny