Breath reduction with humiliation 0
Breath reduction with humiliation 1
Breath reduction with humiliation 2

That piece of shit, that potty-mouth, comes in with his stinking dick and what? Does he think he gets special treatment?

Oh no!

He's wrong about us!

Contessa Kali and Lady Nightfrozen take this skunk and make him stop breathing, why should he pollute our air with his nasty breath?

Good thing he wears a mask with a gag, so we don't have to hear his voice or see his face.

Black foil over his stinky cock, then none of us have to see him and zack - brush over it.

Let him have feelings - HAHA

Spit in his mouth, he needs it and his sperm too, but lo and behold, it makes him sick.

We don't care! Always put it in - after all, he was allowed to inject twice, although he did not deserve it.