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A sweet beginner is here and what does he say to us: He is open for many things!
Well, so are we!
So here we go: Let's fix him to the ceiling hook with the leather handcuffs.
He has already put on his latex mask, he is shy.
And the leather buck stands in front of him, first of all his cock is lying on it, look at him, he is already growing up.
His nipples are plucked and worked on, he seems to like that.
Or he doesn't get much air through the mask - one of both is right.
So now I fix him with the spreader bar on his hands and he is allowed to lie down over the leather buck.
Mouth - ass fuck is cancelled. First the ass then the mouth? HAHA Well, we would have something to laugh about, but he would not.
Here you see in the clip 2 views:
One is the cam from the side, how he gets fucked.
Once the cam on the floor - delicious view!
Do not miss anything!
19 minutes BDSM and fetish fun with Contessa Kali and Lady Nightfrozen
We continue with part 2 - Look horny


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March 28, 2020 22:35 Derfy6 ★★★★★ Oh Herrin , da ist man doch gern Anfänger :)
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